Neighbourhood Planning

What is neighbourhood planning?

The Localism Act of 2011 introduced three new tools to help local communities shape planning in their area:

  • Neighbourhood plan - establishes a vision and general planning policies, as well as proposals for the future development and use of land in a local area. A neighbourhood plan forms part of the district's local development plan, and will be a significant consideration when decisions are made on planning applications within the plan's area
  • Neighbourhood development orders - allows communities to grant planning permission for certain types of development that they wish to see go ahead in their area
  • Community right to build order - enables community organisations to progress new local developments such as housing, community facilities or shops without the need to go through the normal planning application process

Neighbourhood planning is optional. It is up to the individual communities to decide whether they want to use some or all of the new powers to shape the local area, or whether other existing planning tools (such as parish plans or village design statements) are more appropriate to achieve their aspirations.

Current progress of neighbourhood plans

"Made" neighbourhood plans

Map of neighbourhood plan progress

Frequently asked questions

Stratford District Council is committed to assisting local communities who want to get involved in planning for development in their local areas. We have prepared a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to provide more information about neighbourhood planning.

The FAQs also explain the differences between neighbourhood plans, parish plans and village designstatements in order to help communities decide which of these planning tools would be the most helpful in meeting their goals and needs.

Support and advice

Central government, Stratford District Council, and a number of other organisations provide support and advice for communities who wish to pursue neighbourhood planning.

We can also provide a consultation and local survey service to any community wanting to make progress on their parish or neighbourhood plans.

Neighbourhood plan groups may find some of the documents in our technical evidence base useful for developing and supporting their policies.

Plans currently "in progress"

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