Local Development Scheme

What is the Local Development Scheme?

Local planning authorities are required by law to publish a Local Development Scheme (LDS). This is a work programme that sets out our priorities in developing planning policy documents. It serves two key purposes:

  • To inform the public about the preparation of planning documents, their topic and the geographical area that they affect
  • To set out a timetable for the various stages in the preparation of each document

Current LDS timetable

The current revision to the Local Development Scheme was approved by the Council in December 2018 and covers the following development plan and supplementary planning documents (SPDs) up to 2021:

  • Site Allocations Plan
  • Gypsy and Traveller Plan
  • Development Requirements SPD
  • Core Strategy Review

Progress against this LDS will be detailed in the Authority Monitoring Report for 2018-2019.

The previous Local Development Scheme (October 2017) is also available to view for reference.

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Last updated on 12/02/2020

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