Call for Sites Register

What is a call for sites?

A 'call for sites' is an opportunity for developers, landowners and other interested parties to put forward sites for development within Stratford-on-Avon District that they believe are suitable for development for a wide range of uses, including:

  • Housing development;
  • Pitches for gypsies, travellers, and travelling showspeople;
  • Employment and retail.

The call for sites is an ongoing process. If you would like to submit a site for consideration as part of the plan-making process, please complete our call for sites form and attach a 1:1250 scale Ordnance Survey map clearly showing the precise boundaries of the site and details of site ownership.

Call for gypsy & traveller sites

The council ran a specific "call for sites" during March-April 2018 to seek suggestions for new sites from landowners and other interested parties to suggest new sites for:

  • Gypsy and travellers
  • Travelling showpeople
  • Transit sites
  • Bargees / houseboats

This consultation has now closed.

Call for Sites Register

Our Call for Sites Register provides a summary of all the call for sites suggestions up to 31 December 2017. Copies of the site maps can be viewed below.

Please note that other sites are known to be available through being promoted during the preparation of the Core Strategy and/or being the subject of planning applications.

We are currently actively looking for:

  • Potential ‘reserve' housing sites to be included within the Site Allocations Plan that would only be released in very specific circumstances.
  • Previously developed sites that may be useful for potential future development – suitable sites will be included as part of our Brownfield Land Register;
  • Potential sites for self-build and custom housebuilding to help meet the needs of individuals on our Self-Build Register.
  • Potential sites to help meet the accommodation needs of gypsy and travellers and travelling showpeople as part of our Gypsy and Traveller Local Plan.

Call for Sites maps

The maps below show received site submissions, organised by settlement/area.

Stratford town

Main rural centres

Local service villages

LSV Category 1

LSV Category 2

LSV Category 3

LSV Category 4



The Call for Sites Register is a list of land in the district that has been suggested to the Council for consideration for future development as part of the statutory plan-making process. Inclusion on the Register is in no way an indication that the Council considers the proposed site or proposed use to be suitable or the scale of the use to be appropriate. The register is simply a record of land that is potentially available for development and the Council has not verified the accuracy of any information submitted. Suggestions can be made by any interested party and there is no obligation to notify the landowner/occupier.

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