Site Allocations Plan

What is the Site Allocations Plan?

The Site Allocations Plan (SAP) is a planning document that will form part of the Development Plan for Stratford-on-Avon District. Our original intention was that the SAP would identify additional sites for housing development to supplement the strategic sites identified in the Core Strategy. However, sufficient housing provision has been made in the Core Strategy and through planning permissions to meet the housing requirement identified for the current plan period to 2031. The focus of the SAP will now be on the identification of ‘reserve sites' in accordance with Policy CS.16 in the Core Strategy. Such sites will only be released selectively if one or more of the circumstances identified in Part D of that policy apply.

The SAP will also cover a number of other matters, including the definition of built-up area boundaries for a wide range of settlements and the identification of sites for Self-Build housing schemes.

Built-up Area Boundaries

The Site Allocations Plan will identify built-up area boundaries (BUABs) for Stratford-upon-Avon town, the 8 main Rural Centres (MRC) and for the local service villages (LSV), in accordance with Policy CS.15 of the Core Strategy. Prior to adoption of the Site Allocations Plan, the council has endorsed draft BUABs as a material consideration to help determine planning applications.

The draft BUABs can be viewed on our Core Strategy page.

Regulation 18 consultation and 'call for sites'

We are required by law to notify the public and other consultees about the topics of plans that we intend to prepare and to invite them to make representations about what these plans should include.

We undertook an initial consultation on the proposed scope of the SAP in September/October 2014. View the consultation documents:

Since then the context for the SAP has changed significantly, particularly with the adoption of the Core Strategy. Consequently, we have consulted on a revised Scoping Document for the SAP to reflect the latest situation. Public consultation on the Site Allocations Plan, Revised Scoping and Initial Options closed on Friday 9 March 2018.

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

A key stage in identifying reserve sites for housing development will be an up-to-date SHLAA. This is currently being produced and assesses submitted sites as to whether they are 'suitable, available and achievable' based on a standardised methodology agreed by all the Warwickshire local authorities.

Suggest sites for inclusion in the Plan

Landowners, developers and other interested parties can submit land to be considered for inclusion as potential ‘reserve sites' in the SAP. Please visit our call for sites page for more details on how to submit a site and the information that is required.

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