Brownfield Land Register

What is the purpose of the Register?

The Brownfield Land Register is a list of previously developed sites that may be suitable for potential future development. We publish the register online and update it regularly to include new sites or amendments to previously identified sites.

How are brownfield sites identified?

"Brownfield land" refers to sites that have been previously built on with a permanent structure. This excludes land in agricultural or forestry use. You can find the full official definition in the glossary to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

For a site to be included on the register it must be at least 0.25ha in size or capable of providing at least five homes, it must be suitable for residential development, it must be available for residential development, and such development should be achievable within fifteen years. You can find the full criteria in the Brownfield Land Regulations 2017.

View the Register

The latest version of our Brownfield Land Register can be downloaded below. We have provided the file both as a PDF for easy reading and as a CSV file (a format supported by all the most common spreadsheet software).

Suggest sites for inclusion

If you would like to suggest sites to be included on the Brownfield Land Register please complete our Call for Sites form.

Find out more

You can also find more information about Brownfield Land Registers on the Department for Communities and Local Government website.

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Last updated on 08/07/2022