Village/Town Design Statements

What are Village Design Statements?

Village design statements (VDS) are community-led planning documents that seek to protect and enhance the visual character of a settlement. Through the VDS process, local people can set out the pattern and shape of their settlement, landmarks and special features, distinctive features in design and local materials. Village design statements do not detail the type of development that a community wants in their area, nor do they focus on specific community projects. These goals are more appropriately pursued through neighbourhood plans or parish plans, respectively.

If a community can demonstrate that their VDS is compatible with the Core Strategy and has been produced with the involvement of the community and the appropriate statutory consultees, we can adopt the VDS for planners to take into account when making decisions on planning applications.

We can provide support and feedback on draft versions and help to organise local consultations.

Adopted Village Design Statements

The design statements listed below have been adopted as planning guidance and are taken into account when we make decisions on planning applications. Please note that you should also refer to any relevant parish plan, as these often contain valuable design guidance produced by the local community and some include a village design statement section within the plan.

Please note that the downloadable documents produced before 2010 are scanned images. The original documents were not prepared electronically.

Village Publication Date
Alveston Update 2015 November 2015
Alveston Update 2010 March 2010
Alveston October 2001
Barton-on-the-Heath June 2003
Brailes November 1998
Burton Dassett - Northend January 2003
Charlecote April 2001
Cherington and Stourton November 1999
Claverdon September 1998
Coughton* June 2010
Fenny Compton September 1998
Great Wolford March 2019
Halford September 1999
Harbury September 1998
Henley-in-Arden October 2001
Knightcote November 2000
Little Compton September 1998
Long Compton September 1998
Long Itchington January 2000
Loxley March 2007
Luddington March 2018
Newbold Pacey and Ashorne September 2001
Oxhill* October 2014
Salford Priors March 2003
Snitterfield January 2000
Southam September 2000
Stratford-upon-Avon September 2002
Welford-on-Avon September 1998
Wellesbourne January 2014

* Village design statement included as part of a parish plan.

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