Site Allocations Plan

What is the Site Allocations Plan?

The Site Allocations Plan (SAP) is a Local Plan document that will sit alongside the existing Core Strategy to guide where and how potential development proposals will be built. The Site Allocations Plan includes policies and proposals for:

  • Identification and release of Reserve Housing Sites
  • Self-build and Custom Housebuilding, including proposed sites
  • Built-up Area Boundaries for settlements
  • Safeguarding land for A46 junction improvements
  • Specific site proposals in Stratford-upon-Avon, Studley and across the rural area

Revised Preferred Options Consultation 2022

Stratford-on-Avon District Council is holding a public consultation on a further Regulation 18 Preferred Options version of its Site Allocations Plan. The consultation runs from Thursday 16 June until 5.00pm on Friday 29 July 2022 and comments on any aspect of the Plan are invited.

Consultation Documents

Supporting Documents

SAP Technical Evidence

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How to Comment

You can comment using an interactive version of the document. In this version of the document there are red-coloured links in various places in the document which will take you to a comment form where you can submit comments on that section.

Parties wishing to promote sites that aren't identified in the latest version of the Site Allocations Plan are advised to submit them during the current consultation period. This applies to sites that have already been submitted in relation to the South Warwickshire Local Plan. This is because the two Plans are being prepared for different purposes and through different procedures.

Please note that the links to comment on individual reserve sites are in Section 2.6 of the document.

You can also submit comments using a standard comment form and emailing this to The comment form comes in two formats, a PDF and an RTF file. The latter can be opened in any word-processing software.

Please use either the interactive document or the standard comment form where possible as this will assist the District Council to analyse your comments. Please note that your comments will be published on our Consultation Viewer once we have finished processing all of the responses. Individual respondents' postal addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses will be redacted (blanked out) from the versions published online. Postal addresses of companies are not redacted unless specifically requested, as this information is in the public domain.

We are not able to accept anonymous comments. The details of respondents will only be retained by the District Council for the purposes of consulting on Development Plan and supplementary documents and will not be used for any other purpose. See our Privacy Notice for further information.

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Last updated on 23/06/2022