Community Infrastructure Levy Adoption

Adoption of the Community Infrastructure Levy

Full Council (a meeting of all district councillors) voted on 11 December 2017 to adopt the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Charging Schedule. CIL came into effect from 1 February 2018. More information can be found on our main Community Infrastructure Levy page.

Examiner's final report

We received the final examiner's report on our Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charging schedule in September 2017. The report and covering letter can be downloaded below. Covering letter from Planning Inspectorate - September 2017

About the examination

Rebecca Phillips, BA(Hons) MSc DipM MCIM MRTPI, was the inspector appointed to examine our CIL proposals. She prepared briefing notes to explain the process.

Summary of the examination

During the examination hearing, the inspector requested that we carry out further "sensitivity testing" on our CIL charging schedule. In response, our consultants at Peter Brett Associates (PBA) produced a report containing additional technical evidence. We invited comments on this document from interested parties in a consultation that ran during November and December.

The examination then reconvened on Monday 19 December 2016.

Full Council issued a position statement on 12 December 2016. Councillors accepted the evidence produced by PBA but maintained that sales values on the Long Marston Airfield site were likely to be high enough for a CIL charge to be viable. At the same time, we also made other amendments relating to our appraisal of the Gaydon/Lighthorne Heath (GLH) site. These amendments can be found as documents 28 and 29 in our evidence base. Turley, on behalf of IM Properties, responded to these new documents on 19 December. Their response was accompanied by a legal opinion. They also submitted a further post-hearing response in February 2017.

The inspector wrote to us in March to ask for further information relating to the proposed CIL rates for the GLH and LMA sites. We responded to the inspector's queries in April 2017 - accepting a zero CIL charge for GLH and LMA - and our consultants provided a re-run appraisal for the GLH site. In May 2017, Turley provided a final short response.

Procedural correspondence

The inspector has written to the district council on occasion to offer procedural direction or to seek clarification. Correspondence between the inspector and District Council was exchanged through the programme officer. We have maintained a list of this procedural correspondence for transparency and information.

Written statements

The inspector invited written statements when publishing the agenda for the examination in September 2016. The following submissions were received.

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