Community Infrastructure Levy

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Calculating CIL

Calculate the potential CIL charges payable on developments in Stratford-on-Avon

Charging Schedule

Stratford-on-Avon District Council's Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charging schedule

CIL Appeals

The procedure for appealing under the CIL Regulations

CIL Forms

The range of Government CIL forms are available to download below, they are also available to view and download directly...

CIL Review

The Council will look to update its Community Infrastructure Level (CIL) charge alongside the Core Strategy Review. The ...

CIL User Guide

Understanding the CIL Process

Exemptions and Reliefs

Stratford-on-Avon District Council's policy on developments exempt from CIL liability

Paying CIL

How the CIL is collected in Stratford-on-Avon

Section 106 Agreements

Section 106 Agreements - what they are, what they cover and where to find more information

Spending CIL

How funding raised through the CIL is allocated by Stratford-on-Avon District Council

Surcharges and Enforcement

Penalties and enforcement action available to ensure payment of the CIL

Useful Contacts

Email and telephone contacts for more information on CIL and Section 106 income

What is CIL?

Background to and definition of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)