The Community Infrastructure Levy's charges become due from the commencement date of a chargeable development.

When planning permission is granted, the council will issue a liability notice setting out the amount of the levy and the payment procedure. Once a commencement notice has been received, the council will issue a demand notice. This will detail who is liable for payment and confirm the amount payable, as well as any reliefs or surcharges. It will also specify the date and instalments on which payments are due.

Where the instalment policy does not apply, the chargeable amount must be paid in full within 60 days of the notified or deemed commencement date of the chargeable development.

Please read the Instalments and Exemptions Policy within the charging schedule for details of when payment in instalments is allowed what timescales are applicable.

In light of Covid-19 and the expected economic impact on the development and construction industries, a revised CIL instalments policy was adopted by the Council on 13 July 2020, with effect from Monday 20 July 2020. This policy supersedes the policy set out within the CIL Charging Schedule dated February 2018.

The revised policy applies to both CIL liable planning applications that are granted permission following the adoption of the revised policy and to existing permissions which have not commenced. Those developments that have already commenced will be required to comply with the original February 2018 policy, as required by regulations.

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Last updated on 10/02/2022