A range of financial penalties ('surcharges') can be imposed by collecting authorities on persons when Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) processes have not been followed correctly. These actions are taken to ensure that authorities do not suffer financially by having to carry out additional tasks.

Stratford-on-Avon District Council may impose the following surcharges (please see the penalties and surcharges policy for more detailed information):

  • failing to assume liability before commencement
  • surcharge for apportionment of liability
  • failing to submit a notice of chargeable development
  • failing to submit a commencement notice
  • late payment
  • late payment interest
  • failure to comply with an information notice
  • disqualifying events

Other legal powers of enforcement action is available to the council, including:

  • stop notices
  • warning notice
  • service of a stop notice
  • recovery of CIL
  • reminder notice
  • liability order
  • distress
  • charging order
  • charge over the land
  • commitment to prison (a last option for an authority that has exhausted all other options)

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Last updated on 10/02/2022