SHLAA for Site Allocations Plan

What is the SHLAA?

National planning guidance requires local planning authorities to prepare and keep up-to-date a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA). Its purpose is to provide information on the deliverability of sites for potential development.

It is important to stress that the identification of a site in a SHLAA does not, in itself, determine whether or not it will be allocated for housing in the Development Plan. Nor does it imply that the site will receive planning permission. It is the role of the SHLAA to provide information on the range of sites which are available to meet need, and a distinction should be drawn between whether a site is suitable for development and whether development is appropriate on a particular site.

In short, the SHLAA is about whether a site could be developed; not whether a site should be developed.

SHLAA 2020

Previous SHLAA Studies

See our previous SHLAA studies page for previous versions of the SHLAA which have now been superseded.

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Last updated on 08/07/2022