Wellesbourne Airfield

Memorandum of Understanding

As part of the ongoing Compulsory Purchase Order proceedings in respect of Wellesbourne Airfield, on 30 August 2019 the Council and the owners of the Airfield signed a Memorandum of Understanding ("MoU1") which ensures that aviation will continue at Wellesbourne Airfield whilst plans for the future enhancement of the facility are developed and discussed.

York Aviation have been commissioned to provide a report on the compliance with the Memorandum of Understanding.

A further Memorandum of Understanding ("MoU2") was signed on 25 August 2022, which sets out the next steps required to secure the long-term future of the Wellesbourne aviation offer.

Policy Background

Owing to the strategic importance of the airfield from both aviation and economic perspectives, the Council included policies within the Core Strategy, adopted in July 2016, to retain this facility for the wider benefit of the District.

  • AS.9 2. Retain and support the enhancement of the established flying functions and aviation related facilities at Wellesbourne Airfield
  • CS.26 General aviation activity within the District will be supported at the existing airfields of Snitterfield and Wellesbourne. Proposals for development associated with aviation activity requiring planning permission will be permitted within the established limits of an existing airfield subject to them not having an unacceptable effect on the environment of adjacent areas and on local residents and businesses.

The District Council's Cabinet resolved on 12 December 2016 to enter into negotiations with the owners of the site to agree the purchase of the site. In the event this was not achieved, The Cabinet also resolved to take steps to compulsorily purchase the airfield.

Contact: The Planning Policy team

Last updated on 02/09/2022