This update forms part of the evidence base for the revised Preferred Options Site Allocations Plan.

In producing the latest version of the SHLAA, comments received about the 2020 SHLAA during the consultation period on the Preferred Options Site Allocations Plan at the end of 2020 have been taken into account, together with new or updated information that has become available.

As with previous versions of the SHLAA, for each settlement/location a schedule assessing land parcels (sites) has been prepared accompanied by a settlement/broad location map. The cross-hatching on certain amber sites on the settlement maps identifies the net developable area which is potentially deliverable for housing development. For those amber sites with no cross-hatching, the whole site is potentially deliverable for housing development.

Please note: The District Council has engaged specialist consultants to re-assess a number of sites for heritage impact that have previously been assessed by its own planning officers. The outcome of this work is still to be considered and will be reported to the October meeting of The Cabinet. In the meantime, the latest version of the SHLAA identifies those sites subject to this assessment with an asterisk under Adjusted Overall Deliverability. This heritage work does not change the SHLAA as it is outside of the SHLAA methodology, but may affect which of the SHLAA sites are identified in due course through the plan-making process.

Contact: The Planning Policy team

Last updated on 12/07/2022