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We referred to and were informed by a number of documents when preparing our proposals for CIL. Collectively these documents form the Evidence Base for the Examination.

CIL Examination - List of Evidence Base Documents

EBD.1 Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) -Submission Charging Schedule (SCS) Oct 2015
EBD.2 SDC CIL Economic Viability Study: SCS
- Peter Brett Associates
Sept 2015
EBD.3 Appendix 1 Infrastructure Delivery Plan &
Schedule of Projects - Revised
Nov-Dec 2015
EBD.4 Statement of Legal and Procedural Compliance Dec 2015
EBD.5 Submission Charging Schedule - Summary of Consultation Responses Nov 2015
EBD.6 Submission Charging Schedule - Summary of
Consultation Responses addendum
Dec 2015
EBD.7 Compendium of CIL Consultation Responses Dec 2015
EBD.8 Core Strategy as submitted 2014 with Proposed Modifications June 2015
EBD.9 Core Strategy - Proposed Modifications
re Interim Conclusions
Aug 2015
EBD.10 CIL Draft Charging Schedule Aug 2014
EBD.11 Summary of Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule Consultation Responses July 2014
EBD.12 SDC CIL Economic Viability Study DCS
- Peter Brett Associates
June 2014
EBD.13 Appendix 1 Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan June 2014
EBD.14 Proposed Submission Core Strategy June 2014
EBD.15 Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule

Oct 2013


Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule - Summary of Consultation Responses

July 2014


SDC CIL Economic Viability Study PDCS - Peter Brett Associates

Sept 2013

EBD.18 Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan

Oct 2013


Assessment of Potential New Settlements and Sustainable Urban Extensions - Peter Brett Associates

July 2013

EBD.20 Canal Quarter and Two Associated Employment Sites - Peter Brett Associates April 2014
EBD.21 Viability and Deliverability of Strategic Sites - Peter Brett Associates April 2014
EBD.22 Plan Viability and Affordable Housing Study April 2014
EBD.23 Draft Schedule of Infrastructure Projects Sept 2016
EBD.24 Revised Infrastructure Delivery Plan Oct 2016
EBD.25 CIL Examination - Further Work Oct 2016
EBD.26 Review of Values and Scenario Testing - Peter Brett Associates Nov 2016
EBD.27 CIL Examination - Further Consultation Responses Dec 2016
EBD.28 Appendix F - Revised GLH Appraisal - Peter Brett Associates Dec 2016
EBD.29 Revised Tables 6.1 and 7.1 - for GLH - Peter Brett Associates Dec 2016
EBD.30 CIL Examination - Affordable Housing Transfer Values Dec 2016

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