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On 26th February 2018, the Council adopted its Framework Masterplan SPD for the new Long Marston Airfield Garden Village.

Garden village

In January 2017 the Government announced that it had selected Long Marston Airfield as one of 14 garden villages across the country.

The Council has been awarded £13.4 million for vital site infrastructure measures through the Housing Infrastructure Fund.

Core Strategy

The Long Marston Airfield site (Proposal LMA) was identified as a suitable and sustainable location for new development in the Stratford-on-Avon District Core Strategy. The Core Strategy was adopted by the Council on 11 July 2017 following an Examination in Public held by an Independent Planning Inspector who considered all of the evidence and arguments for and against Long Marston Airfield and concluded that the proposal and the Core Strategy as a whole was ‘sound' i.e. fit for purpose.

The Evidence Report prepared by SDC and WCC sets out the background to the Core Strategy examination.

View the Long Marston Airfield Technical Evidence that supported the Core Strategy.

South Western Relief Road

The new settlement will also be accompanied by a south-western relief road (SWRR) to Stratford-upon-Avon town. The Core Strategy Inspector also considered the proposal for the SWRR concluding that it too was sound. The Evidence Report prepared by SDC and WCC sets out the background to the identification of the SWRR

View the Long Marston Airfield Technical Evidence that supported the Core Strategy including various transport assessments in respect of the SWRR.

The Council is aware of concerns from some residents whose properties are adjacent to the proposed route of the South Western Relief Road that they may be affected by planning blight. The following Position Statement sets out the Council's position in respect of the issue of planning blight and compensation. The Council has also written to local residents close to the route of the proposed SWRR to advise them of these issues.

Planning applications

Planning applications are available to view via the Council's e-planning system.

Phase 1 (400 homes) Outline Planning Permission granted in February 2017 – 14/03579/OUT

Phase 1 Reserved Matters - granted in March 2019 - 17/03258/REM

Phase 1 Reserved Matters application for Community and Employment Hub granted in September 2022 - 20/00606/REM

Changes to the trigger point for the provision of the Community Hub (from prior to the occupancy of 300 dwellings to prior to the occupancy of 365 dwellings) granted December 2023 - 23/01223/VARY

Phase 1 Reserved Matters (154 Dwellings) granted in November 2020 - 20/00608/REM

Phase 1A Planning application (124 dwellings) currently under consideration - 20/02315/FUL

Phase 1B Hybrid Planning application consisting of a) FUL application for 376 dwellings and b) OUTLINE application for a serviced parcel of land for a future primary school currently under consideration - 23/01794/OUT

Phase 2 (3,100 homes) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations Scoping Report - SCOPE/00029

SWRR Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations Scoping Report – SCOPE/00030

Outline application for 3,100 homes - 18/01892/OUT

Full application for South Western Relief Road to Stratford-upon-Avon - 18/01883/FUL

Planning Applications at the adjoining Airfield House Site

Outline Planning Permission granted in August 2021 (60 dwellings) - 20/02745/OUT

VARY application (to vary outline application 20/02745/OUT) granted February 2024 - 23/00138/VARY

Reserved Matters application (60 dwellings) granted February 2024 - 22/03664/REM

LMA/SWRR Steering Group

A Steering Group has been established to oversee the Long Marston Airfield development and the proposed South Western Relief Road. View the notes from the Steering Group Meetings:

Stakeholder engagement

In addition to the Steering Group the Council is holding regular meetings with local elected representatives. You can view the agendas and notes of these meetings below:

  • 5 June 2017 – Long Marston Airfield Vision and Opportunities agenda and notes.
  • 31 July 2017 – Transport Issues (including SWRR and Campden Road) agenda and notes.
  • 14 November 2017 - Long Marston Airfield Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) notes.

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