What is the Development Requirements SPD?

The Development Requirements Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) provides additional guidance on the interpretation and implementation of a number of policies within the Core Strategy. It brings together a number of topics, acting as a single and easy-to-use point of reference.

Part A to U of the document were adopted in stages, with the final sections adopted in July 2019. Part V was adopted on 13 July 2020.

The above version consolidates the individual sections into a single document.

The various individual sections of the document are also available to download below.

Part V: Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Part V of the Development Requirements SPD was adopted by the Council on 13 July 2020, and focuses on adaptation and mitigation measures relating to Climate Change. It is an additional document that forms part of the existing Development Requirements SPD which is a material consideration that is used by the Council to help reach decisions on whether to approve or refuse planning applications.

In addition to providing advice and guidance to applicants when submitting planning applications on the interpretation of a number of policies in the Council's Core Strategy relating to climate change, Part V also provides guidance on the retrofitting of climate change adaptation and mitigation measures into existing buildings.

The Council consulted on the draft Part V for 6 weeks between 9 January and 21 February 2020, the responses received can be viewed online using our Consultation Viewer. In accordance with data protection regulations we have redacted signatures, and personal postal and email addresses. The Consultation Statement summarises the comments received and the Council's responses.

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Checklists

It is important that the principles of climate change adaptation and mitigation are considered from the outset of a development proposal to help shape the design. Part V of the Development Requirements SPD includes checklists intended to be submitted with planning applications for certain householder, new build and conversion / change of use proposals. To assist applicants in the completion of a checklist, there are 3 separate checklists which identify the main mitigation and adaptation measures considered appropriate for that type of development.

These checklists are to be incorporated into the new Local List and submission of a completed checklist will become a requirement for the validation of relevant planning applications.

For ease of access these checklists are reproduced individually below.

Individual sections and date of adoption

Section Title Date of adoption
Contents Table of Contents N/A
Part A Achieving Good Design December 2018
Part B Character and Local Distinctiveness December 2018
Part C Access and Connectivity April 2019
Part D Buildings and Layout April 2019
Part E Architectural Style, Construction and Materials April 2019
Part F Residential Amenity April 2019
Part G Agricultural and Rural Buildings December 2018
Part H Shopfront Design, Signage, Security July 2019
Part I Non-Residential Buildings July 2019
Part J Self Build and Custom Build and Modular Housing July 2019
Part K Holiday Lets and Caravan Parks July 2019
Part L Open Space December 2018
Part M Landscape Design and Trees December 2018
Part N Biodiversity and Green Infrastructure December 2018
Part O Parking and Travel July 2019
Part P Refuse and Recycling December 2018
Part Q District Heat Networks February 2019
Part R Air Quality July 2019
Part S General and Local Housing Needs April 2019
Part T Specialised Housing April 2019
Part U S106 Planning Obligations December 2018
Part V Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation July 2020
Glossary Glossary of Technical Terms N/A

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