What is the Development Requirements SPD?

The Development Requirements Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) provides additional guidance on the interpretation and implementation of a number of policies within the Core Strategy. It brings together a number of topics, acting as a single and easy-to-use point of reference.

Part A to U of the document were adopted in stages, with the final sections adopted in July 2019. Part V was adopted on 13 July 2020. Part W was adopted in October 2021. Part L was updated in April 2024

The above version consolidates the individual sections into a single document.

The various individual sections of the document are also available to download below.

Individual sections and date of adoption

Section Title Date of adoption
Contents Table of Contents N/A
Part A Achieving Good Design December 2018
Part B Character and Local Distinctiveness December 2018
Part C Access and Connectivity April 2019
Part D Buildings and Layout April 2019
Part E Architectural Style, Construction and Materials April 2019
Part F Residential Amenity April 2019
Part G Agricultural and Rural Buildings December 2018
Part H Shopfront Design, Signage, Security July 2019
Part I Non-Residential Buildings July 2019
Part J Self Build and Custom Build and Modular Housing July 2019
Part K Holiday Lets and Caravan Parks July 2019
Part L Open Space April 2024
Part M Landscape Design and Trees December 2018
Part N Biodiversity and Green Infrastructure December 2018
Part O Parking and Travel July 2019
Part P Refuse and Recycling December 2018
Part Q District Heat Networks February 2019
Part R Air Quality July 2019
Part S General and Local Housing Needs April 2019
Part T Specialised Housing April 2019
Part U S106 Planning Obligations December 2018
Part V Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation July 2020
Part W Gypsies and Travellers and Travelling Showpeople October 2021
Glossary Glossary of Technical Terms N/A

Climate Change Checklists

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Last updated on 25/04/2024