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Building Regulations Document update - Changes and New Editions to the suite of Approved Documents

Changes to Approved Documents F and L

As of 15 June 2022, the above guidance will change due to the Building Regulations etc. (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2021 and the following two approved documents will then come in to force: ·

  • Approved Document L, Conservation of fuel and power, Volume 1: Dwellings ·

  • Approved Document L, Conservation of fuel and power, Volume 2: Buildings other than dwellings

This update to the building regulations in relation to the conservation of fuel and power highlights a significant uplift to existing energy efficiency requirements. These changes to improve energy efficiency across the board give a strong starting point towards the proposed Future Homes Standard, due to be introduced by government in 2025.

As of 15 June 2022, the above guidance will change due to the Building Regulations etc. (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2021and the following two approved documents will be in force: ·

  • Approved Document F: (2022) Conservation Volume 1 applies to dwellings ·

  • Approved Document F: (2022) Conservation Volume 2 applies to buildings other than dwellings

To find out more about these changes to Parts L and F please click the link below

Changes to Approved Documents F and L 2022 Bulletin

New Approved Document O and S

  • Approved Document O: Overheating

The new Part O comes into effect on 15 June 2022 and applies to new dwellings, institution or any other building containing one or more rooms for residential purposes (other than a room in a hotel) The purpose of this regulation is to reduce indoor overheating by: ·

  1. Limiting unwanted solar gains in summer ·
  2. Providing an adequate means of removing excess heat from an indoor environment
  • Approved Document S: Infrastructure for charging electric vehicles

The new Part S comes into effect on 15 June 2022 and applies to new residential and non-residential buildings; buildings undergoing a material change of use to dwellings; residential and non-residential buildings undergoing major renovation; and mixed-use buildings that are either new or undergoing major renovation. The Approved Document provides technical guidance regarding the installation and charge point requirements in Part S to the Building Regulations

Transitional Arrangements: When to apply the changes

  • The new building regulations will come into force for applications made on or after 15 June 2022.
  • The new requirements will not apply to applications made prior to 15 June 2022 providing substantial building work has begun before 15 June 2023 on all aspects of the application. This gives 1 year's grace to allow commencement.
  • (Note: jobs need substantial start i.e., foundations dug and poured.)
  • Applications covering multiple buildings – only those individual buildings for which work is commenced in accordance with the above can take advantage of the transitional provisions.

Site Inspections During Covid 19 - Update

Since Covid restrictions have now eased Stratford on Avon Building Control are trying to carry out a pre pandemic level of Service. This however may not always be possible

When a site inspection is required please call 01789 260626 or email When contacting us please provide the site address or Building Regulation reference number and all the relevant information needed to assess further.

Site inspections will be assessed on a risk basis and in some cases (internal works) we may be happy to accept photographs, videos or carry out virtual inspection of work that we would normally physically inspect.

It is crucial that sufficient evidence of the work undertaken is provided as we will be reliant on this to be in a position to ultimately issue you your Completion Certificate and any attached photographs should fully demonstrate critical elements of the work. Showing tape measurements of foundations, joists etc.

Surveyors will assess your photos/ videos and seek to advise you the same day that this evidence is acceptable or if additional information is required.

Other enquiries will be dealt with when the resources are available but there may a delay in responding. If you are unable to email in your enquiry please contact 01789 260626 were your enquiry will be dealt with or put through to a duty surveyor.

In advance can we thank you for your patience when emailing and/or phoning the office.

Measures to be put in place for internal inspections

The following measures need to be put in place when an internal inspection is to be carried out.

• Please advise if anyone is self-isolating or shielded within the property

• Please open all windows within the area to be inspected

• We will sanitise our hands before entering the property

• We will wear a mask if you request us to do so

• If the visit is to inspect a roof, please provide the relevant equipment to carry out this inspection. The equipment (i.e. ladder) should be in position upon arrival

• If any of the above is not in place, we may refuse to carry out the requested inspection.

Booking a site inspection via our App

We now have an app available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store which enables you to request an inspection, the links are available below.

What are the Building Regulations?

Building Regulations are national standards for England and Wales that apply to most types of buildings, whether in the home or a commercial development. They ensure that the environment in which we all live is a safe and healthy place.

They also ensure that adequate access and facilities are provided for people with disabilities and include requirements for conservation of fuel and power.

Information available in this section:

Technical Section

Building Regulation Application Form

  • Download the Building Regulation submission form
  • Alternatively, please make your Building Regulation submission using our online form *

* Please note that unless the fee is known the online application will not fully complete. If you are unable to calculate the fee from the Domestic charges below please contact Building Control on 01789 260626 where we will be able to help prior to proceeding with the online submission form

Building Regulation Domestic Fees (Inclusive of VAT)

Category Full Plans Plan Charge (Paid on submission of application) Full Plans Inspection Charge (Invoiced when work commences) Building Notice Charge (Paid on submission of application)
1x Dwelling (Creation/ Conversion) £277.00 £646.00 £998.00
Single Storey Extension Less than 10m2 (Internal floor area) £118.00 £277.00 £435.00
Single Storey Extension 10 - 40m2 (Internal Floor Area) £160.00 £369.00 £580.00
Two Storey Extension Less than 20m2 (Internal Floor Area) £178.00 £415.00 £653.00
Two Storey Extension 20 - 60m2 £217.00 £508.00 £798.00
Loft Conversion £138.00 £323.00 £508.00
Single Storey Garage up to 60m2 £99.00 £231.00 £363.00
Garage Conversion £112.00 £244.00 £392.00
Internal Alterations Less than £3,000 of Building Works £59.00 £138.00 £217.00
Internal Alterations £3,000 - £10,000 of Building Works £88.00 £208.00 £327.00
Internal Alterations £10,000 - £20,000 of Building Works £118.00 £277.00 £435.00

If your works do not fall within any of the above categories or if your project is Non Domestic then please contact 01789 260626 or Email for a fee.

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Last updated on 18/05/2022