Building Control Mission Statement

Our Mission for Stratford District Building Control is simple...

"We will endeavour to proactively use the Building Regulations to achieve our client's design aspirations and improve the health, safety, quality and sustainability of the built environment for the users of the Stratford district."

Working with you for a better building

Stratford Building Control is the leading provider of building control services in this area. We are committed to providing an innovative and progressive service where we work with you to achieve quality buildings that fully comply with the ever more complex Building Regulations. Our team of qualified surveyors has a wealth of experience that covers a wide range of building types so, whether you are a building owner, developer, house builder, professional advisor, contractor or householder carrying out DIY, you can rely on Stratford Building Control.

Right first time – keeping costs down and maintaining quality

At Stratford Building Control, we like to try to eliminate problems before they arise. If you get us involved early in a project we can work with you, your design team and your builders to help ensure the Building Regulation requirements are built into your project in an efficient and cost effective way.

Meeting your targets on time and within budget is important to Stratford Building Control and, with us as part of your team, you can be sure that your project complies with the Building Regulations through our comprehensive plan checking and regular, reliable site inspections.

Impartial and accountable

We are publicly accountable, impartial and have no commercial links to the construction industry, yet we are committed to delivering high quality services and good value for money. We do not have to provide profits for shareholders so all of our efforts can be concentrated on ensuring that we provide the best possible service for your project. Our certificates are universally respected and trusted. Truly, a unique combination.

Helping your project run smoothly

Life is complicated enough, so whether your project is a multi-million pound development or a simple alteration to your house, we will endeavour to provide our service with the minimum of fuss and disturbance.

Good luck with your project and we look forward to working with you.

Contact: The Building Control team

Last updated on 22/10/2018