Building Over Agreements

All sewage pipes outside property boundaries, and all sewage pipes that are shared with another property within a property's boundary, fall under the ownership of the sewerage / water companies. For the District of Stratford-on-Avon, this is either Severn Trent Water or Thames Water.

Previously, property owners were responsible for the sewage pipes that drain into public sewers, up to the point that they connect to those sewers. In some cases, this included pipes that went beyond their property boundary. People were often unaware that they were responsible for repairs and ongoing maintenance of these drains or pipes until a problem occurred and they were hit by a potentially large bill. The new arrangement enables more effective maintenance of assets, reduces neighbour disputes over repair costs, and allows for a better approach to managing the sewerage network.

Impact on Building Work

If you are carrying out building work within 3 metres of a public sewer, you will be required to enter into a Building Over agreement with the sewage undertaker. If you are aware of a sewer that will be affected, you can begin this process before starting the proposed works by contacting either Severn Trent Water or Thames Water.

In cases where work has commenced and the developer / householder has not contacted the sewage undertaker, and it is evident to Building Control that the work is within 3m of a public sewer, we have a statutory obligation to consult the appropriate water authority on your behalf. The water authority will then contact you with any requirements they may have particular to your work.

Applying for a Build Over Agreement

Please contact your water company:

Contact: The Building Control team

Last updated on 01/11/2018