Naming and Renaming Streets and Properties

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Street Naming and Numbering

Practical guides are available containing information on street naming and numbering:

New Properties and Streets submission process

Submitting a New Property or Street Naming and Numbering Application

Please click on the link below to submit a New Property or Street Naming and Numbering request and include the following information:

  • your planning permission reference
  • if naming a property, the name(s) you wish to put forward - these will be checked to ensure there are no repeats in the same postal area
  • a correspondence address - preferably an email address - so we can inform you when the process had been completed

The Fee payable for Street Naming and Numbering applications are as follows

  • Naming of a New Street - £145
  • New dwelling/units following demolition/ conversion - £143 per plot*
  • Numbering of new development: 1 to 5 Plots - £143 per plot*
  • Numbering of a new development : 6+ Plots - £715 + £33 Per plot*
  • Amend a development layout - £143 per new plot* affected

*plot being a dwelling, flat, or industrial, commercial or retail unit

Please note that the above charge will also be incurred for subsequent re-numbering of developments that have been re-planned.

The registration charge must be paid at the time of making your submission.

For further information on the naming of new streets and the numbering / naming of new properties, please contact the Building Control team:

Altering the Name of an Existing Property

To alter the name of a property ( residential or commercial ), please use our online form:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a granted planning permission to apply for a new postal address?

Yes a valid planning permission is required to enable us to register any new postal address.

How do I change the name of my property?

Liz Taylor, Spatial Information Officer is the contact for this to be processed and her contact email is 

What are the charges for Street Naming & Numbering applications?

The Fee payable for Street Naing and Numbering applications are as follows:

£130 charge payable for up to 10 units, Thereafter an additional £30 per unit*

*unit being a dwelling, flat, or industrial, commercial or retail unit.

What are the timelines for the Street Naming & Numbering process?

We are reliant on external organisations in certain application processes but, we have estimated approximate timescales for new address applications.  

  1. For one-off units and sites where no new street(s) are required, normally can be completed within 2 weeks of a valid application.  
  2. For developments where a new street(s) are required we estimate an approximate timescale of 2-3 months - this is due to consultation processes and reliance on input from external organisations.
What can be given an address and postcode?

Domestic Properties  

  • New dwellings, existing dwellings (without a current official address), converted buildings to dwellings and holiday lets.

Non-Domestic Properties - Royal Mail Guidance Below

  • The building has to be a bone fide business address that has clear signage displaying the business name and occupied in say an office capacity.  
  • The building (if business) needs to be occupied during business hours.  
  • The building has a secure and lockable mail delivery point (letterbox) that is easily accessible for the delivery of mail at all times.  
  • However, please note that a letterbox on a uninhabited building, fence or gate does NOT meet the criteria to be added to PAF.  
  • If the Field is not part of a larger site that is a postal address then it is not an address and does not qualify for any form of mail delivery. We would not allocate a postal address/postcode to a piece of land, allotment, stable or uninhabited barn simply for the delivery of feed.  
  • DEFRA confirmed that to apply for an agricultural holding number you don't have to use a postcode as there are other methods of land identification. You can also use either Ordnance Survey Grid Ref or a Land Parcel Reference Number. A LPRN will have been created for the area of the customers land and will have a number attached to it which they can access via OS. 
What is the process should I wish to add, remove or change plots on an already assigned development?

Please contact us to advise of the amendments to an already addressed development site and submit the most updated plans and information. Dependent on the additional work involved to make the amendments a further fee may be payable, this can be confirmed upon review of the changes made.

What is the street name signage specification and who is responsible for its installation and upkeep?

The developer is responsible for the installation of street signage on new estates. Stratford-on-Avon District Council - Streetscene department are responsible for replacement signage on adopted highways.

The standard position of street signage is at the back of the footway both sides to the entrance of the road and on any spear on or off. Stratford-on-Avon District Council - Streetscene department also advise additional signage if the properties are not easy to find.  This street nameplate specification document details the requirements for street signage.

Stratford-on-Avon District Council - Streetscene department are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of street signage on any adopted highway. For more information in relation to street signage please contact Angela Lloyd via email at 

When does my address become live with companies like Google, Ordnance Survey etc.?

Stratford-on-Avon District Council have no control over how often external organisations update their new mapping data that we provide to them. If there is an on-going issue with your address not being recognised/or accurately plotted on sat-navs or online mapping software, such as Google Maps, it is for the owner to report this to organisations directly. Please see the Incorrect Information or Routing Information on Sat-Navs document for further support on how to rectify potential issues with addresses provided.

When should my Street Naming & Numbering application be made?

An application should be made once planning permission has been granted and in relation to new developments, once the proposed site layout has been fixed.

Contact: The Building Control team

Last updated on 09/05/2023