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COVID-19 Effects on Development sites

Following the Ministerial Statement made by the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government on 13 May 2020 there are now temporary arrangements to relax planning conditions relating to working hours on construction sites.

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The government has also produced guidance on this temporary arrangement

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If you wish to make a Request to increase the working hours on a development site then please complete the Application form and the Risk Assessment.

Please submit your Request to A decision will then be made on whether your Request is considered acceptable or whether you need to submit a formal planning application to amend the relevant planning condition.

This page also provides quick links to the following planning forms:

Further information can be found on our Apply for Planning Permission page.

Section 106 Applications

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Eligible developments that receive planning permission from 1 February 2018 are charged the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) in accordance with the rates set out in the charging schedule. The amount payable is calculated when planning permission is granted. Even though your proposal may not be liable to the levy, a form is likely to need to be completed.

Further information and forms can be found on the Planning Portal.

Application for Approval of Details Reserved by Conditions (Discharge of Conditions)

A planning permission lists any conditions we have had to apply to make the proposal acceptable. Some conditions ask for more details on an aspect of the proposal, while others specify the use of the development. Applicants can reduce the number of conditions by providing comprehensive information with their application.

A fee is payable per written request to discharge conditions and not per condition. The fee chargeable by the authority is £116 per request (or £34 where the condition relates to planning permission for extending or altering a dwelling house or other associated residential use in the curtilage of a dwelling house). The fee must be paid when the request is made, and cannot be received retrospectively. It does not matter when the permission was granted. The letter or form must clearly identify the relevant permission (planning application number) and the condition(s) concerned.

Requests to discharge planning conditions that are received without the appropriate fee will be returned unanswered. No fee is required for the discharge of conditions attached to applications for Listed Building Consent, Conservation Area Consent or Advertisement Consent. The Government requires authorities to deal with all requests within eight weeks, and fees are refundable if no response is sent within 12 weeks of the date of receipt. There is no 'free go' if the council decides that information submitted is not sufficient for a discharge of a condition or if a further request for written confirmation is submitted.

Application for Approval of Details Reserved by Condition form

Document - 1028%20Pre%20Application%20Listed%20Building%20Advice%20JUL18.pdf

Document - 0968%20Pre%20Application%20Non%20Householder%20JUL18.pdf

Document - Pre%20Application%20Advice%20charges%202019%202%20.pdf

Document - 1617%20Pre%20Application%20Tree%20Advice%20JUL18.pdf

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