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  • The Council formally adopted the following parts of the Development Requirements SPD on 15 April 2019:
    • C. Access and Connectivity, D. Buildings and Layout, E. Architectural Style, Construction and Materials, F. Residential Amenity, J. Self-build and Custom Build and Modular Housing (updated), S. General and Local Housing Needs and T. Specialised Housing.
  • SPD Consultation closed 15 March 2019 on the following sections of the document:
    • Two new sections: I. Non- Residential Buildings and K. Holiday Lets and Caravan Parks
    • Revised sections: H. Shopfronts and Retail, O. Parking and Travel, and R. Air Quality.
  • The Council formally adopted Part Q. District Heating Networks of the Development Requirements SPD on 25 February 2019
  • The Council formally adopted the following parts of the Development Requirements SPD on 10 December 2018:
    • A. Good Design, B. Character, G. Agricultural Buildings, J. Self-Build and Modular Housing, L. Open Space, P. Refuse and Recycling, M. Landscaping, N. Biodiversity, and U. Planning Obligations.

What is the Development Requirements SPD?

The Council is preparing a Development Requirements Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to provide additional guidance on the interpretation and implementation of a number of policies within the Core Strategy. It brings together a number of topics, acting as a single and easy-to-use point of reference.

Given the breadth of subject matter, the intention was that each part would be a standalone section which could be read separately from the others. The order of the sections has been amended since the public consultation held during March and April 2018, and the various sections of the document will now be adopted in stages so that further work, in some cases including further consultation, does not delay adoption of those sections which are ready to be adopted and given full weight in the decision-making process. The remaining sections of the SPD are being prepared for adoption during Summer 2019.

Adopted sections of the SPD

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