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Empty Properties

Information and advice on bringing an empty property back into use

Energy & Warmth

Energy and cost saving advice making affordable warmth available to everyone

Home Ownership

Information on schemes available to enable people to buy their own homes


Information and advice for those who are homeless or at risk of being homeless

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

Information and guidance for those living in shared accommodation

Housing Advice

Information and advice on securing a rental property in the district

Housing Standards

General information and guidance to getting repairs undertaken in rented accommodation

Housing Strategy and Development

We work with partners to facilitate new homes and take care of the housing stock. Genuinely affordable homes are a key p...

Immigration Inspections

Advice on what information is required to help apply to bring people from overseas

Independent Living

Services available to support, promote and enable independent living

Moving Home

If you are moving within the Stratford District Council Area, please complete a vacating and occupying form separately.

Redress Scheme

Information on who should be registered with a redress scheme

Rough Sleepers

Information and advice for rough sleepers or those who come into contact with rough sleepers

Social Housing

Information on applying for social housing, Home Choice Plus and contacting Housing Associations in our district