Housing Advice

Stratford-on-Avon District is a desirable place to live, meaning it is a relatively expensive area and affordable housing options are in short supply. You may need to move to a new home for a variety of different reasons and your circumstances will determine the choices available to you. Under the Housing Act 1996, the district council is responsible for providing free housing advice. This service is available by appointment and can be obtained by visiting Elizabeth House or our outreach surgeries in Southam, Shipston and Alcester.

Armed Forces Personnel

Information for former members of the regular armed forces

Mobile Homes, Caravans & Houseboats

Information on renting or buying mobile homes, caravans and houseboats

Rent Express Scheme

Subject to eligibility, our Rent Express scheme can help people access private rented accommodation

Sourcing Private Rented Accommodation

Information and advice on sourcing private rented accommodation

Staying Where You Are

Information and advice to enable you to remain living where you are

Tenancy Access Scheme

To help people in housing difficulties with limited finances to access suitable and affordable privately rented accommod...

Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme

Information about the Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme and how it can protect tenants and landlords

Transfers & Mutual Exchanges

Information on how to transfer or mutually exchange your property