Staying Where You Are

If you wish to remain living where you are but are finding it difficult, we have plenty of advice available to you.

The following links provide information and advice on various subjects:

If you are a young person, particularly under the age of 18, it should be a priority for you to remain at home, assuming it is safe and reasonable for you to do so. When relationships get strained and communication breaks down, help through a third party mediator may help to resolve matters. You can also speak to Doorway, an independent organisation that provides specific advice, support and guidance to young people.

For elderly and/or disabled residents in the district, there could be aspects of your accommodation that make it difficult for you live independently. For example, you may have difficulty managing the stairs.

Support and advice can be obtained from:

For further information, please contact the Housing Advice team:

Contact: The Housing Advice team

Last updated on 25/01/2024