Housing Standards

The Private Sector Housing Team (PSHT) at Stratford on Avon District Council will be adhering to, and following current Government guidelines in respect of the Coronavirus pandemic. Social Distancing is paramount during this difficult period and as a precaution to both staff and customers alike, home visits are highly unlikely to be undertaken unless in an emergency situation.

The Private Sector Housing Team is committed to ensuring that standards in rented properties are decent – even in the current situation. We will take whatever action is necessary to ensure that properties are maintained to a decent standard.

The PSHT will be working from home and calling into the office when possible, please do not hesitate to contact them by telephone on 01789 260848 or email psht@stratford-dc.gov.uk. We thank you for your understanding during these worrying times.

The council is able to help you address repair issues in a property, whether it is rented privately or from a housing association. We provide impartial advice to both tenants and landlords.

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