Housing Standards in Rented Accommodation

If you have a concern about the condition of your rented property, you should at first contact your landlord or letting agent. If they fail to remedy the situation in a reasonable time, you can contact Private Sector Housing for further advice on how to resolve these issues.

Sometimes a simple phone call may resolve an issue and a visit is not always necessary. For those that are worried of consequences of reporting issues to the council, if the disrepair reported warrants Formal action, your landlord may be prevented from evicting you.

The team will respond to requests regarding housing defects and risk assess them according to the Housing Health and safety Rating System (HHSRS). There are 29 different classes of Hazard including hazards such as damp, excess cold, falls on stairs and Fire.We do not guarantee an immediate response, but we will do so as soon as practical. Where landlords fail to address significant hazards the council has the authority to take proportionate enforcement action.

One of the most common complaints we receive is Damp and Mould growth, most commonly but not always, the damp is due to condensation. The following guide/video is helpful. We advise you follow this guide before contacting us for further guidance.

If you would like our assistance, you can contact us:

Contact: The Private Sector Housing team

Last updated on 11/04/2024