Housing Standards in Rented Accommodation

If you have a concern about the state of repair of your rented property, you should first contact your landlord or letting agent and notify them. If they fail to remedy the situation, you can contact the council for advice on the best way forward.

If we decide an inspection is appropriate, we are obliged by law to contact the person with repairing responsibility. Some tenants are concerned about the consequences of reporting disrepairs to the council, such as being asked to leave the property. However, if the disrepair justifies formal action, under current legislation the landlord is unable to serve a notice to quit.

Sometimes, a phone call may resolve the issue – so a visit is not always the only way to resolve the situation. We do not guarantee an immediate response, but we will do so as soon as practical.

If you are experiencing difficulties with damp and mould (or condensation) in your property, please read our guide to keeping your home free from damp and mould. If this fails to resolve the problem, then please contact us.

If you would like our assistance, you can contact us:

Last updated on 30/11/2018

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