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Completion Notices

Council Tax Completion Notices

Council Tax Charges

Council Tax charges

Council Tax

Council Tax

Council Tax Scams

Council Tax scams

Holiday Cottages & Self Catering Units

Holiday Cottages and Self Catering Units

Help and Advice for Council Tax Debt

Help and Advice for Council Tax debt

Council Tax Bandings

Council Tax Bandings

Council Tax and Non-Domestic Rates Payment Options

How to pay your Council Tax and Non-Domestic Rates

Sole or Main Residence

What is sole or main residence

Discounts and Exemptions

A description of Council Tax discounts and exemptions

Empty Properties

For advice and information on bringing an empty property back into use.

Who is Liable to Pay Council Tax?

The Council is required to bill in the name of the person liable for the Council Tax.

National Fraud Initiative

The Audit Commission The Audit Commission no longer exists and has been replaced by a new local audit framework that ca...

Counter-Fraud Statement

Counter-Fraud Statement

Non-Domestic Rates

Non Domestic Rates

Moving Home

If you are moving home, please fully complete one or both of our online forms.

Liability and Calculation of Council Tax Appeals

You may appeal if you consider that you are not liable to pay council tax, for example because you are not the resident ...

Council Tax Demand Notice Format and E-Billing

The format of the Council Tax annual bill was changed this year to green paper. To reduce production costs further from...