Housing Strategy and Development

What we do

The Housing Policy and Development Team work closely with a wide range of partners to build affordable homes, improve existing housing and help people find and keep suitable homes. High house prices and rents are a particular problem in our area, so the development of new genuinely affordable homes to meet the needs of local people is a key priority for us. Similarly, it is vital that all our new homes are sustainable, accessible, well-designed and well-managed.

We have a strong track record of partnership working. We have helped to deliver over 2,709 affordable homes in the last ten years.

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For further information: please contact Renata Mosz on 01789 260842 or renata.mosz@stratford-dc.gov.uk, or email the Housing Policy & Development team at housing.policy@stratford-dc.gov.uk.

Contact: The Housing Policy & Development team

Last updated on 07/02/2023