What is the Housing Strategy?

The Sustainable Homes, Sustainable Communities Stratford-on-Avon District Housing Strategy 2021-2026 details how we and our partners will work together to deliver sustainable homes and sustainable communities that enable more people to live independently in good quality housing of their choice.

Three aims underpin the vision:

  • To support communities and build sustainable affordable homes
  • To improve existing housing and help people live independently
  • To prevent homelessness and reduce the harm caused by it

Partner organisations, representative groups, users of housing services and the general public helped in the creation of the document. The Sustainable Homes, Sustainable Communities Housing Strategy includes the District's Homelessness Review and Strategy, as well as the Private Sector Housing Strategy. It does not deal with the overall number and location of new homes as that is the role of the Core Strategy and other planning policy documents.

The Cabinet considered the Housing Strategy on 6 September 2021, and full council adopted the document on 18 October 2021.

The Cabinet is responsible for carrying out twice-yearly reviews to monitor delivery of the Housing Strategy Action Plan, with the option to add any new or revised actions and milestones to the Plan to allow flexibility to respond to changing circumstances and policy and funding opportunities. The Cabinet last reviewed the Action Plan on 3 July 2023.

Sustainable Homes, Sustainable Communities 2021-2026 Housing Strategy document

The Housing Strategy comprises three documents:

1. The Housing Strategy

2. The Action Plan (Appendix 1). The Action Plan sets out 18 high level actions under the three aims listed in the above section.

3. The Evidence Log (Appendix 2) including the Equality Impact Assessment. The Evidence Log contains the results of the consultation that was carried out as part of the preparation of the Strategy, as well as many useful facts and statistics.

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Last updated on 04/09/2023