Councillor Code of Conduct

Every relevant local authority in England, including Stratford-on-Avon District Council (SDC) and all town and parish councils within the district, must by law have a code of conduct to regulate the conduct of its respective councillors. The code adopted is for each local council to decide.

By law, these various codes can only apply when a councillor is acting in their role as a councillor, either as an elected or co-opted member of a council. In some limited circumstances it might also apply where someone who is not a member of a council is co-opted as a member of a committee or sub-committee of a council.

A new code of conduct came into operation for councillors at SDC on 1 May 2022 (The LGA Model Code), which is accompanied by its own Guidance (The LGA Guidance)

Some town and parish councils in the district have also adopted the LGA Model Code, but others are operating the other Model Codes.

Requirements for Councillors

Following election or co-option to office as a member of SDC or any town or parish council in the district, a councillor must complete a form (Declaration of Interest Form) giving details of certain prescribed personal financial interests and some other registerable interests as defined by the Code adopted by their Council.

The Monitoring Officer then publishes these details on a public register. Please contact our Monitoring Officer with any complaints of councillor misconduct

The Council also has a policy in place to help ensure that Councillor complaints are pursued in a reasonable manner (Unreasonable Behaviour Policy)

Contact: The Democratic Services team

Last updated on 11/11/2022