Overview and Scrutiny

Overview and Scrutiny (often known as just "Scrutiny") helps to ensure that the decisions taken by the council reflect the views and priorities of local residents.

Scrutiny is carried out by elected councillors who examine council decisions, policies and performance as well as making recommendations to improve local services.

What does Overview and Scrutiny do?

Scrutiny has four main functions:

  1. Holding The Cabinet to account
  2. Policy Development and Policy Review
  3. Review of Council Services (Performance Monitoring)
  4. External Scrutiny (of other agencies providing local services).

Detailed scrutiny work is often carried out by task and finish groups established to look into a particular issue or problem and report back with recommendations to The Cabinet.

What services does it look at?

Scrutiny looks at services provided by Stratford-on-Avon District Council (with the exception of planning and licensing decisions).

Scrutiny is, however, not restricted to council functions. In fact, scrutiny has wide-ranging powers to investigate areas of local interest. This includes scrutiny of external organisations providing public services in areas such as crime, housing and tourism.

How does it work at SDC?

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee is designed to be non-political and the committee is made up of councillors from different political groups representing wards across the district. Committee members cannot be part of The Cabinet and are an independent voice focused on holding decision makers to account.

Getting involved

Overview and Scrutiny meetings, which take place at Elizabeth House in Stratford-upon-Avon, are open to the public to attend.

Contact: The Democratic Services team

Last updated on 21/11/2018