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Danger Sign

What are they?

Where a building is in such a condition that it may put the public in danger, local authorities have legal powers under Section 78 of the Building Act 1984 to investigate and require the owners to make the building safe.

Typical examples of dangerous structures include:

  • vehicle impact
  • fire damaged buildings
  • walls leaning over or being unstable in areas where the general public have access for example near public highways
  • roof tiles being blown off in high winds onto the public highway
  • chimneys damaged by storms

Buildings that are simply dilapidated or run down would not necessarily be considered dangerous but may be dealt with under separate legislation.

If there is no risk to public safety the Council will not take any action – for example leaning garden walls in private property to which the public have no access.

What we will do?

The target of Stratford District Council is to respond to the report of a potentially dangerous building or structure within 1 hour during working hours, and 2 hours out of hours. This is measured from the point of first contact with the Building Control service to the arrival of an officer at the incident.

On arrival at the site the officer will assess the building or structure and take any necessary details. They will then decide on the necessary course of action having regard for the Building Act 1984. The immediate safety of people in and around the building or structure is the prime consideration.

View the Council's policy on dangerous structures

If you wish to report a potentially dangerous building or structure please contact the Building Control team on 01789 260626.

Alternatively please email

Last updated on 04/12/2017

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