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Extending or Renovating your home

If you need more space and you do not want to move house you may wish to consider extending or renovating your home.

Your home is probably your most valuable asset so it is important that your extension project is carefully planned. This guide is not a substitute for professional advice but has been written to provide you with useful information about how the Building Regulations will affect your extension.

Please view the e book guide to extending your home

Extending your home guide

Please view the e book guide to renovating your home

renovation guide

Sound Insulation

This guide produced by the LABC (Local Authority Building Control) highlights the how Part E of the Building Regulations may affect your building project.

Please view the LABC sound insulation guide.

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996

Some kinds of work carried out to a property may not be controlled by the Building Regulations, but may be work which is covered by the Party Wall etc, Act 1996. This is a separate piece of legislation with different requirements to the Building Regulations. The Party Wall etc. Act makes provision in respect of party walls and excavation and construction in proximity to certain buildings or structures. There will be some instances where both the Party Wall etc. Act and the Building Regulations apply to the work being carried out.

You must find out whether work you intend to carry out falls within The Party Wall etc, Act 1996. This includes work which involves:

  • work on an existing wall shared with another property
  • building on the boundary with a neighbouring property
  • work involving excavating near a boundary

It is essential that you understand your obligations to notify adjoining owners and are aware of the circumstances under which a dispute can arise.

Please view the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 or the Governments booklet on aGuide to the Party wall Act 1996.

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Last updated on 31/05/2018

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