Naming and Renaming Streets and Properties

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Street Naming and Numbering

The following practical guides are available offering you further information with regard to Street Naming and Numbering:-

New properties and streets

When making a request for Street Naming and Numbering can you please include the following information and if possible e mail your request into :-

  • Your planning permission reference
  • If naming a property please give the name(s) you wish to put forward. These will be checked to ensure there are no repeats in the same postal area
  • A correspondence address or preferably and e mail address so we can inform you when the process had been completed
  • A £25 charge is payable per unit (unit being a dwelling, flat, industrial, commercial or retail unit)

Please note that the above charge will also be incurred for subsequent re numbering of developments that have been re planned.

The registration charge must be paid at the time of making your submission by calling Liz or Jacque on 01789 260689 or 01789 260322.

For further information on naming of new streets and the numbering/naming of new properties please contact Building Control on 01789 260626 or email

Altering the name of an existing property

For information on altering the name of a property/business contact Liz Taylor on 01789 260138 or email

Last updated on 31/05/2018

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