What We Collect


All recyclable material should be put loose in your blue-lidded bin. This bin is collected every other week with your green / green-lidded bin. Find out more about our recycling collection.

Garden Waste

Garden waste should be put in your green / green-lidded bin if you subscribe to the service. This bin is collected every other week with your blue-lidded bin.

Refuse (General Waste)

Other household waste that cannot be recycled or composted should be put in your grey bin, which is emptied every three weeks.

Food Waste

Food waste should be put in your food waste caddy, which is emptied every week. The food waste can be loose or preferably lined with newspaper or you can use plastic or compostable bags.

Textiles, Small Electrical Equipment and Household Batteries

These can be left on top of the lid/or by the side (not inside) of your blue-lidded bin, green bin or grey bin on your scheduled collection day. In order for this items to be collected and recycled, they must be small enough to fit into the storage facility underneath the refuse collection vehicles.

We have teamed up with the not-for-profit organisation Material Focus to provide our residents with information on what happens to your old electrical items when they are recycled. Look out for messages from HypnoCat!

Clinical Waste

A clinical waste collection service can be provided to residents who require it (subject to confirmation by a medical practitioner).

Large Household Items (Bulky Waste)

If you have any large items of household waste that you wish to dispose of, we offer a chargeable large item collection service.

Additional Refuse and Recycling

If you have any additional recycling, you can place it in a box or rigid container next to your blue lidded bin for collection.

If you subscribe to the green waste collection service, we will only collect what is in the bin, side waste will not be collected.

If you require a larger capacity for your recycling, please see How to Get a Bin for further information about requesting additional bins.

Please note that no additional refuse (general waste) next to your bin will be collected.

Putting your Bins out for Collection

Please place your wheeled bins (or equivalent receptacles) at your property boundary with their lids down, clearly visible to the collection crews, by 6am on your scheduled collection day.


For further information, please contact the Streetscene team:

Contact: The Streetscene team

Last updated on 19/07/2023