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Refuse and Recycling

Our Refuse and Recycling Service

Stratford-on-Avon District Council, with its contractors Biffa, provides a fortnightly refuse, recycling and organic waste collection service to all households across the district.

Our Commitment
  • To reduce waste that goes to landfill and
  • To increase the proportion of waste that is recycled or composted.

Through the Warwickshire Waste Partnership, all Councils in Warwickshire have a Municipal Waste Management Strategy for managing waste in Warwickshire until 2020.

Waste Hierarchy
The 'Waste Hierarchy' ranks waste disposal and treatment options in order of environmental impact.

  • Reduce - means decreasing the amount of waste that we produce. This is the most sustainable option with the lowest environmental impact.
  • Reuse - means using something again, either for its original purpose or for a similar purpose. If you have an unwanted item, someone else may be able to reuse it.
  • Recycle - means processing used materials into new products thereby reducing the demand for raw materials.
  • Recover - energy from waste facilities use waste treatment technologies to turn non-recyclable waste into a source of renewable energy.
  • Landfill - landfilling means putting waste back into the ground. It results in the loss of valuable resources and is the most costly waste management option financially and environmentally.
Compliments, Complaints and Enquiries

If you have any comments, concerns or queries about our service, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us on the details below.


Telephone: 01789 260616

E-mail: streetscene@stratford-dc.gov.uk

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Last updated on 28/03/2017

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