Our Garden and Food Waste Collection

What Garden and Food Waste will we Collect?

To check what you can and can't put in your green bin / sacks, please download Your Guide to Our Household Waste and Recycling Service.

Food waste can be put in the bin loose, wrapped in paper or in compostable bags (conforming to EN13432 standards). Suitable bags can be purchased in most major supermarkets. Please do not use plastic bags or biodegradable bags as they contaminate the material. For more information, visit Warwickshire County Council's food waste recycling webpages.

A maximum of two green bins will be collected per property. If you have excess garden or food waste and you only have one green wheeled bin, you can place up to three green sacks of garden / food waste next to your bin for collection. If you have more than can fit into two green bins, you can take garden waste to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre or home compost.

Kitchen Caddies

We have a supply of kitchen caddies that are available for collection, free of charge (one per household). Please contact us on the details below if you would like to receive one.

Sack Collections

If you do not receive a wheeled bin service, you can:

  • use green garden sacks (a maximum of six) for garden and food waste
  • use a kitchen caddy to present your food waste for collection.

What Happens to Garden and Food Waste?

Garden and food waste collected from households in the district is taken to an In-Vessel Composter (IVC) treatment site at Ufton, near Southam.

IVCs treat the material and ensure that composting takes place in an enclosed environment, with accurate temperature control and monitoring. The material is turned into compost to be used as a soil conditioner in as little as two weeks. In comparison, this takes around three months using traditional outdoor composting.

The composted material is used for agricultural use and land fill site restoration. We are unable to sell this product to the public.

Home Composting

You may wish to consider composting at home. Discounted compost bins are available from Warwickshire County Council.


Contact: the Streetscene team

Last updated on 05/05/2020