Help With Your Collection

Missed Bins

If your collection has been missed, please report it online or contact the Streetscene team on the details below as soon as you can.

We may either return to collect the missed bin or we might arrange for extra waste to be taken on your next scheduled collection, depending on the circumstances.

If we have arranged for the crew to return, please ensure that you leave your bins available at the normal collection point on your property boundary.

Assistance with your Collection

An assisted collection service is available on request for residents who, due to age, infirmity, disability or a medical condition, are unable to present their wheeled bins / recycling boxes / sacks on the property boundary for collection.

If another member of the household is able to place the receptacles on the boundary, then the property does not qualify for an assisted collection.

Where an assisted collection is appropriate, the bins / boxes / sacks will be collected from an agreed point on the property. Please note that access must be granted to collection crews to ensure this service can be carried out effectively.

We routinely review the assisted collection service list to establish if circumstances have changed and whether households still qualify.

If you feel you would qualify and benefit from this service, please apply for it online or get in touch using the contact details below.


Contact: The Streetscene team

Last updated on 26/10/2021