Water and Flood Risk Technical Evidence

The technical evidence below provides context for our planning policies in relation to flood risk and the water environment. These documents should be read in the context of the Development Requirements SPD and the Core Strategy, particularly Policy CS.4 (Water Environment and Flood Risk). Links to technical evidence on related issues are included in the "Find Out More" section below.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

A Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) was created in 2019 with the purpose of supporting the production of the Submission Version of the District Council's Site Allocations Plan (SAP). This version of the Plan is now not being proceeded with, and a new version of the SFRA will accompany the new Preferred Options version of the Site Allocations Plan when this is published for consultation in autumn 2020.

  • Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
    • Level 1 Final Report (April 2019)
    • Appendix A: Flood Risk Management - Index Grid Overview (maps for each reference available on request)
      • We can supply an electronic map for any reference (A1 through to J7) listed on the above Grid. As there are a number of these maps and they are of large file size we will supply these by request via email - contact policy.consultation@stratford-dc.gov.uk including the relevant Index Grid reference(s) which you require.

2013 SFRA

The 2013 SFRA was jointly commissioned by Stratford District Council, North Warwickshire and Rugby Borough Councils, and Warwickshire County Council. The document and maps can be accessed via Rugby Borough Council's website. See the following appendices:

  • A1 Flood Map (use the Key to find the tiles viii - xvi covering Stratford District)
  • A2 Historic Flood Records
  • A3 Flood Map for Surface Water
  • A4 Areas Susceptible to Surface Water Flooding
  • A5 Historic Sewer Flooding Records
  • A6 Artificial Sources
  • A7 Flood Warning and Alert

Other water and flood risk technical evidence

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