Holding Your Event in a Park or Public Space

Our parks, public spaces and streets can be the perfect venue for a range of public and private events.

Events could include:-

  • Community Fun days
  • Personal Fitness & sporting activities/events
  • Birthday parties
  • large picnics
  • Music Festivals
  • Film and other media
  • Food Festivals
  • Special Events

Events can take a lot of planning and we strongly recommend that you allow yourself plenty of time from your initial enquiry to the event date.

For large events and sporting activities, you will need to provide more information including evidence of Insurance, Risk Assessments, an Event Management Plan and a Site Map. To enquire about venue availability please fill in the Event Request Form with as much detail as possible.

What to expect

After completing the Event Enquiry Form:

  1. You will instantly receive an automated acknowledgment confirming your enquiry has been submitted.
  2. Within five working days you will receive notification whether the date and location is available and whether there is a hire fee.
  3. Depending on the nature of your enquiry:
  4. If no further information is required and you agree to the hire fee (if any) you will receive confirmation that the event can go ahead
  5. If we require further information, you will receive a request identifying what documentation is needed and this may include completing a more detailed application form.
  6. Once we receive this information, we will then process your application and send a confirmation letter. We aim to do this within fifteen working days
  7. For commercial filming you will be asked to supply a risk assessment and evidence of your public liability insurance
  8. If you have not heard from us within five working days, please email events@stratford-dc.go.uk

Contact: The Leisure team

Last updated on 25/09/2023