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Stratford on Avon District Council has the power to issue temporary Road Closure Orders for special public events such as a public procession, street party, festival etc. under s.21 Town Police Clauses Act 1847.

Applications received from event organisers are passed to the Police and Highway Authority for their comments and requirements in respect of the closure. APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE MADE AT LEAST 12 WEEKS BEFORE THE EVENT TO ENABLE CONSULTATION TO TAKE PLACE. Orders will only be issued following approval from the local Police and Warwickshire County Council.

A road closure will require the erection of temporary route diversion signs, located ahead of the closure to warn traffic, in accordance with the requirements of Warwickshire County Council as highway authority. It is advisable to contact your local Police Station to notify them of the event.
*Access must always be available for emergency vehicles.

The District Council recommends you take out public liability insurance cover for your event. Please note if the event is taking place on land belonging to the District Council you will need public liability insurance cover of at least £5 million.

There is no charge made by Stratford-on-Avon District Council for providing a Road Closure Order.

The Order will be subject to the following conditions:

1. Vehicular access for emergencies being available at all times.
2. Road closure and diversion signs must be erected at the cost of your organisation and removed by the end of the temporary closure.
3. Your organisation being responsible for stewarding the event.
4. Your organisation being responsible for clearing the highway after conclusion of the event and for any damage which may be occasioned to the highway, including street furniture, during the entire period of preparation, the event and cleaning up operation.
5. No claims will be entertained by the County Council (as highway authority) the District Council, the Town or Parish Council or any statutory undertaker in respect of any accident damage loss or injury sustained as a result of the event.
6. If your event is to be held on land belonging to the District Council your organisation must provide public liability insurance cover for this event of at least £5 million. Please forward a copy of the insurance cover with your application.
7. Your organisation being responsible for notification to all those affected by the order, especially any bus companies and those properties fronting the road(s), in writing at least 14 days prior to the event.
8. Street notices advertising the closure must be placed in all roads to be closed by your organisation.

A small event safety plan is available and can be downloaded and completed to help the planning process.

If your event involves a firework display, then please see the advice note and self assessment form.

How to apply

Download the Road Closure Application Form

Town Centre Evacuation

Under extreme emergency situations it may be necessary to evacuate areas of the town centre. Decisions of this nature will be made by the Emergency Services and the areas of the town to be used will of course depend on the circumstances which are faced at the time. But for those unfamiliar with the town this may cause difficulty so event organisers, stewards, businesses and individuals are encouraged to use and share the attached map of town in order to help implement any evacuation.

Last updated on 22/01/2018

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