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Stratford-on-Avon District Council
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Housing Strategy and Development

Housing Development


What we do

The District Council works closely with a wide range of partners to look after the District's existing housing stock and provide new homes, to meet the needs of our local residents.

High house prices and rents are a particular problem in our area, so the development of new genuinely affordable homes to meet the needs of local people is a key priority for us.

Similarly, it is vital that all our new homes are sustainable, accessible, well-designed and well-managed.

What we have achieved

We have a strong track record of partnership working. For instance, we have helped deliver over 4,600 new homes (including 1,000 affordable homes) over the past 10 years. Examples of completed schemes may be found here.

The occupancy of all new affordable homes (and some market homes) is always restricted to local people.

Examples of recently completed housing schemes may be found from the link here.

Our plans and strategies

Our strategic aims are set out in our Corporate Strategy and Housing Strategy 2015-2020 which details how the Council and its partners will work together to ensure that more people get the opportunity to live independently in good quality housing of their choice. It includes the District's Homelessness Review and Strategy, and Private Sector Housing Strategy.

At District level, we monitor the scale and nature of housing need. This work forms part of the evidence base for our Local Development Plan. We also prepare a Monitoring Report to keep track of our progress on meeting strategic housing requirements.

Decisions about key issues affecting the development of new homes, such as the overall level and distribution of new housing, are taken in the context of ongoing work to prepare and review the Local Development Plan.

More detailed policies and guidance on our expectations for new homes are also available.

Our partners

To deliver the new affordable homes we need, we work with:

Local communities - They have a long track record of undertaking local housing needs surveys and preparing Parish Plans or Neighbourhood Plans to address identified local needs.

Housing Associations - They are responsible for building and then letting or selling new affordable homes to local people. The following housing associations are active in developing new homes for local people in our District:

The Homes and Communities Agency

The Rural Housing Enabler

Developers and house builders

Warwickshire County Council - The County Council is the Adult Social Care Authority for our District and, as such, are interested in ensuring that the current and future care needs of local residents are considered when developing new housing.

For further information about the District Council's affordable housing development programme please contact the Development and Enabling Officer on 01789 260843 or by e-mailing john.gordon@stratford-dc.gov.uk