The system of permitted temporary activities is intended as a light touch process, and as such, the carrying on of licensable activities does not have to be authorised by the licensing authority on application. Instead, a person wishing to hold an event at which such activities are proposed to be carried on ('the premises user') gives notice to the licensing authority of the event (a 'temporary event notice' or 'TEN').

The notice must be given to the licensing authority in the form, and within the timescales prescribed within the regulations to the Licensing Act 2003.

The notices must also be sent to the police and environmental health authority for Stratford-on-Avon District at the same time as the licensing authority. Where the application is sent by post the responsibility for this rests with the premises user. If the application is made online then the process will occur automatically. The forms must be received by these authorities at least 10 clear working days before the event is to take place.

There is a process whereby the police or environmental health may object to a TEN, within strict limits, and trigger a hearing of a licensing sub-committee, which will then consider the service of a counter-notice. Alternatively the premises user may come to an agreement with the police or environmental health and alter the TEN in such a way as it allays their concerns.

The cost of submitting a TEN is £21.

Last updated on 21/09/2018

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