Statement of Licensing Policy

Section 5 of the 2003 Act requires a licensing authority to prepare and publish a statement of its licensing policy at least every five years. The current Policy for Stratford on Avon is due for renewal January 2021.

Licensing Policy 2021-2026 Consultation

The licensing Authority are now seeking your views on the 2021-2026 Policy.

Following a review it was felt that no significant changes needed to be made to the current policy. The document has been updated in respect of the districts current population. The name of the Community Safety Partnership has been amended to read 'South Warwickshire Community Safety Partnership'. We have also included that the Licensing Authority will regard each responsible authority as experts in their respective fields and in some cases as the primary source of advice in relation to particular licensing objectives to paragraph 8.5.

The draft policy and associated documents can be viewed here:

Draft Policy

Appendix 1 : Responsible Authorities

This consultation will run for 6 weeks. Any comments should be emailed to before 22 January 2021 using LA03 POLICY as a reference in the subject bar.

Contact: the Licensing team

Last updated on 07/12/2020