Flyposting is the illegal posting of advertisements, leaflets, banners, posters etc. on both council-owned and private land or property.

The council is responsible for removing flyposting from public areas and council-owned buildings. The material will be removed and financial penalties can be issued. It is up to private land owners to clear flyposters from their land or property.

Displaying Promotional Material

We are committed to supporting local events and appreciate the value of effective promotion. We do, however, require that associated material such as posters, signs, banners, postcards, fliers and A-boards be displayed in line with the council's Guidance on Posting Promotional Material to ensure that it is put up and taken down appropriately.

If you are considering putting up any promotional material, please ensure that you follow these guidelines, or material may be removed and financial penalties may be issued.

Please note, promotional material should not be displayed for commercial or business purposes (i.e. if the event is being held to generate income).

Further Information

For further information, please contact the Streetscene team:

Contact: The Streetscene team

Last updated on 20/01/2024