From 1 April 2017, the Government is providing funding to local authorities so that they can give a discount worth £1,500 for office space occupied by local newspapers. This scheme has continued and has been extended to include 2024/25.

The award of this discount is considered to amount to State Aid . However, it will be State Aid compliant where it is provided, in accordance with the de minimis regulations EC 1407/2013. The de minimis regulations allow an undertaking to receive up to €200,000 'de minimis' aid over a rolling, three-year period.

Eligibility criteria

This relief is administered under the local powers discount contained in Section 47 of the Local Government Finance Act 1988.

  • The relief is available to local newspapers only
  • The property must be occupied by a local newspaper and used wholly or mainly as offices for journalists and reporters
  • Only one discount is available per newspaper title and one property only
  • Subject to State Aid limits


  • Local council newspapers
  • Online publications
  • Local magazines

Application process

There is no application form for this local discount. To apply, please email with a statement confirming that you meet the criteria for relief. If you have any queries please contact Revenues on 01789 260993.

Contact: The Revenues & Benefits team

Last updated on 08/03/2024