An Omnibus is an omnibus, char-a-banc, wagonette, brake, stage coach or other (non-motorised) carriage that ply's for hire or is used to carry passengers at separate fares to, from or in any part of a prescribed area. These days they are mainly horse drawn carriages, for which a licence is required in order for them to be able to be on the highway. Omnibuses operate on pre-determined routes.

The Town Police Clauses Act 1889 and Town Police Clauses Act 1847 regulate the licensing of Omnibuses.

No omnibus may be driven without the driver first obtaining a licence to do so from the District Council. You also would need to apply for a Licence for the Omnibus itself. To apply for the relevant licence, please click on the link for the application forms.

The fee for an application for a Horse Drawn Omnibus Driver Conductor Licence is £426.80.

The fee for an application for an Omnibus Licence is £414.70.

Contact: The Licensing team

Last updated on 15/05/2023