Hackney Carriage Vehicle

A hackney carriage is a wheeled vehicle that is for hire, and which carries fewer than nine passengers. A vehicle licensed by Stratford-on-Avon District Council (SDC) may only be driven by a driver licensed by SDC to do so.

The driver must be wearing an SDC-issued badge around their neck, and another must be displayed so the passenger can see it on either the dashboard or partition in the vehicle depending on type.

The vehicle must display an SDC-issued badge on the front windscreen and a licence plate externally on the rear of the vehicle.

The Fare

The fares that are charged for the hire of the vehicle are set by Stratford-on-Avon District Council. For each journey, the calibrated meter in the vehicle must be switched on. The meter measures distance and, when the vehicle is travelling very slowly or stopped, time. The meter applies the formula on the tariff card that must be displayed so the customer can see it, and calculates the correct fare.

The driver may charge that fare, or anything less. The driver may also add on any of the additional expenses that are incurred only if they appear on the face of the tariff card.

The meter must be set to the minimum charge (called the initial charge - £3.00, £4.50 or £6.00 depending on the time of day and date) when the passenger gets in. If the meter shows any more than the initial charge when the passenger gets in and commences their journey, then the driver must re-set the meter so that it only shows the initial charge.

The Vehicle

Please ensure you have read our policy in relation to age before purchasing a vehicle.

The vehicle must be properly insured for hire or reward work.

The vehicle must have been tested to the standards required by Stratford-on-Avon District Council, as laid out in the mechanical testing standards book.

The requirements for testing hackney carriages and private hire vehicles for the purpose of licensing can be read about on the vehicle standards page.

For the application to be complete, it must include:

  • the vehicle registration document
  • the bill of sale (if it's the first time)
  • the current certificate of insurance
  • a current MOT and the vehicle inspection certificate from the authorised garage
  • the fee (£455.40 new; £414.70 renewal)

More Information and Contact

For more information, contact the Licensing team:

Contact: The Licensing team

Last updated on 30/01/2024